Women & Men – Different but Equal?

In some people’s minds, the topic of gender equality is associated with ‘crazy’ feminists running around the streets of Mumbai. However, it can be argued the problem is actually still here, even in developed countries. Perhaps stereotypes and sexist attitudes are stuck in our heads even if we don’t want to admit it?

Ramzi Moutran, the Creative Director at Memac Ogilvy says: “With a lot of topics we think that they are already done, we think of them as old ‘last century’ issues. Actually the same problems are still amongst us. Gender equality is not there yet. We just touched a tip of the iceberg.”

One way to understand better the prevalent attitudes in today’s society/ies is to ‘Google’ something and just look at the results… Just search for ‘women should’ – the results may shock you!

Ramzi Moutran from Memac Ogilvy Dubai doesn’t blame Google: “Google is just a very big part of everybody’s lives. Google isn’t responsible. It is the people that create these searches. I think our campaign became popular when people checked the results on Google themselves. The power of the idea is that you can check it yourself.



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